The Party Congress Research Group consists of a cross-national team of researchers interested developing theories and empirically evaluating the role of party congresses / conferences and intra-party decision-making in democratic politics. On this site you can find information about our research and the scholars contributing to the project as well as details on our workshops and meetings. Please contact us for additional information about the project or ways to contribute at partycongressresearchgroup[at]gmail.com.

Upcoming meetings: 

Information on the 2020 meeting in Prague coming in Fall 2019!!!


Past meetings:

  • “Perspectives on Intra-Party Politics: theoretical approaches and practical applications”
    2017 PCRG workshop in Milan, June 26-27, 2017, PCRG 2017 Schedule 
  • PCRG general meeting in Vienna, June 28-29, 2015
  • “Intra-Party Politics and Party Congresses” at the ECPR Research Sessions,  University of Essex, July 8-11, 2014.




Recent Publications from PCRG Researchers

Schumacher, Gijs, Daniel Hansen, Mariken A.C.G van der Velden, and Sander Kunst. “A New Dataset of Dutch and Danish Party Congress Speeches.” Research & Politics.

Ceron, Andrea and Zachary Greene. 2019. “Verba Volante, Scripta Manent? intra-Party Politics, Party Conferences and Issue Salience in France.” Party Politics (forthcoming).

Greene, Zachary, Andrea Ceron, Gijs Schumacher, and Zoltan Fazekas. 2016. “The Nuts and Bolts of Party Congress Research.Comparing Different Document Pre-Processing Techniques in Four Countries.” Open Science Framework (November 1): osf.io/4z5z3.

Ceron, Andrea. 2016. “Inter-factional conflicts and government formation. Do party leaders sort out ideological heterogeneity?” Party Politics 22(6): 797-808.

Greene, Zachary and Matthias Haber. 2016. “Maintaining Partisan Ties: Preference Divergence and Partisan Collaboration in Western Europe.” Party Politics OnlineFirst. DOI: 10.1177/1354068816655570.

Greene, Zachary and Matthias Haber. 2016. “Leadership Competition and Disagreement at  Party National Congresses.” British Journal of Political Science 46 (3): 611-632.

Ceron, Andrea. 2015. Brave rebels stay home. Assessing the effect of intraparty ideological heterogeneity and party whip on roll-call votes. Party Politics 21(2): 246-258.

Ceron, Andrea. 2012. Bounded Oligarchy: How and When Factions Constrain Leaders
in Party Position-taking. Electoral Studies 31(4): 689-701.

More to come soon