PCRG 2018 Conference in Vienna

The Party Congress Research Group would like to invite applications to participate in a two day workshop on “Intra-Party Politics in the Modern Era.” The workshop will be held at the University of Vienna following the European Political Science Association in June. Presentations will be held June 25-26 followed by a general discussion on theoretical, methodological and empirical advancements in the study of intra-party politics. We encourage submissions from diverse backgrounds focused on the politics and dynamics within political parties. We welcome research that broadly touches on topics related to party politics, candidate selection, party organization, leadership competition, or intra-party decision-making. We are happy to receive applicants from interested scholars regardless of career stage.

Please email submissions with a 200 word abstract, your name and affiliation by March 1, 2018 for full consideration to the following address:  partycongressresearchgroup[at]gmail.com.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to any interested scholars. We look forward to seeing you all in Vienna.

Here’s a blurry photo from the 2017 meeting in Milan to get you excited for all the discussions of intra-party politics and party decision-making.

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